Cruise Types

One thing that we love about cruises is that they are a style of vacation that appeals to nearly every kind of traveler. Today's major cruise lines aim to create a vacation experience that offers "something for everyone" and are continuously coming up with innovative ways to fulfill that pledge. Families with kids, romantic couples, newlyweds, travelers going solo and groups of friends can all often be found having a great time onboard the same cruise.

Sometimes we're looking for something specific in a vacation, it could be an added level of luxury, the chance to meet someone new, to celebrate a certain occasion, the chance to sample the cruise experience on a "cruise to nowhere," or something completely different. If you're looking for a cruise that fits a specific interest,'s cruise experts are here to help. Click below to read more about a few specific types of cruises, then move on to our Cruise Inquiry form to contact a cruise expert who can help find a cruise that is right for you.

Family Cruises

Cruising with families is a fun and effortless experience thanks to the many cruise lines that cater to all age groups and have special extras planned for younger guests. A popular vacation option for parents with young children, cruises also offer unique solutions for those wondering where to hold their next family reunion.

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Couples’ Cruises

Cruises can be incredibly romantic vacations for couples. Whether you’re interested in a wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal or simply a beautiful vacation with your sweetie, taking to the high seas can be the perfect choice for you.

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Seniors Cruises

Experienced travelers will find camaraderie, great times and amazing experiences while vacationing with fellow mature travelers. Cunard is one such cruise line that welcomes mature travelers. Enrichment and lecture programs let guests exercise their minds while onboard. Favorites include the Book Club, workshops on oceanography, a theatre class and more.

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Singles’ Cruises

Singles heading out on cruises might have different expectations. There are those who welcome meeting other singles and there are those who prefer solo, quiet journeys.

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Gay and Lesbian (GLBT) Cruises

A small number of cruise lines cater exclusively to gay and lesbian travelers. While some welcome men and others women, cruise lines like Atlantis Cruises & RSVP Vacations offer cruises for both. Families are also welcome on specific gay-friendly cruises.

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World Cruises

An effortless and visually appealing way to visit a variety of global destinations is with a world cruise. World cruises afford you the opportunity to take in many cultures, historic sites and beautiful views without having to constantly pack and unpack and board numerous flights.

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Luxury Cruises

There’s experience quite like that of a luxury cruise. The finest bed linens, most exquisite gourmet dining options, white-glove service and the absolute best amenities available – it’s all waiting for you onboard.

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Cruises to Nowhere

Perfect for travelers looking to cruise but who have limited time on their hands and a pretty tight budget, “cruises to nowhere,” are gaining popularity.

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