Caribbean Cruise Destinations

The casual and ever-popular Caribbean sets the stage for the ideal tropical cruise. Punctuated with numerous unique islands, travelers have an enormous array of vacation options right at their fingertips. And thanks to the close proximity to the US, especially the East Coast, the Caribbean is a perennially smart choice for those looking to escape to a most magical and warm setting without traveling far from home.

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Eastern Caribbean

The Eastern Caribbean region is comprised of smaller islands, which typically means less time at sea as ports of call are closer together. Tortola is the largest of the more than 50 islands that make up the British Virgin Islands and is a Mecca for yachting enthusiasts.

The US Virgin Islands feature alluring destinations like St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. Unspoiled, secluded, and romantic, these areas boast some of the most splendid coastlines in the world.

Barbados is another of the Eastern Caribbean’s shimmering gems. It has been dubbed “the real fantasy island,” an appellation that points to its exotic locale and glorious beaches. This pear-shaped island boasts 340 days of sunshine a year, numerous well-developed amenities, a thriving nightlife and friendly inhabitants, making it one of the most desirable vacation destinations.

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Western Caribbean

Larger islands like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic occupy the Western Caribbean region, making for longer trips at sea as ports of call are further away. Jamaica’s rich island culture and energetic vibe is its main draw. Glorious sunsets, white-sand beaches, and exciting nightlife lure visitors back time and time again. The Dominican Republic offers a blend of beach resort communities and quiet, secluded areas.

In between Cuba and Jamaica are the Cayman Islands. Renowned for beautiful beaches and optimal diving, these three islands are only a 90-minute flight from Miami.

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Southern Caribbean

Aruba, Curacao, and Trinidad and Tobago are just some of the small, picturesque islands that dot the Southern Caribbean region. Sun-worshippers head to Aruba for its beautifully consistent weather nearly all-year round. Top-notch water sports facilities and 24-hour casinos add to the fun.

Curaçao is an ideal vacation destination for underwater lovers, as the excellent visibility, warm water, active reef conservation, and variety of dive and snorkeling sites ranks the island among the most popular dive locations in the Caribbean. The islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer culturally diverse experiences, breathtaking beaches, and exotic wildlife.

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